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Hilltop Baptist Church


Sunday AM

10:00 Sunday School

Nursery (0-2): Candace Neely

Preschool (Preschool):

K-1st : Millie Bowers 

2nd & 3rd: Vonda Everhart

4th & 5th: Shirley Halsey

Teen Girls (6th-12th): Candy Annas, Crissie Beane

Teen Boys: Jesse (Wally) Beard, Barry Albright

11:00 Worship Hour (EVERY SUNDAY AM)

Nursery (0-2)

Children's Church (Ages 3-7)

Junior Church (8-12)

Teens: Sanctuary

Sunday PM

*Exception: 3rd Sunday Night ALL YOUTH in Sanctuary for Youth Services

*Exception: 5th Sundays ALL YOUTH in Sanctuary for AM & PM Services

Nursery (0-2)

Ages 3-7

Juniors (8-12)

Teens: Sanctuary

Wednesday Nights

Nursery (0-2)

Preschool-6th Grade: Masters Club

7th-12th : Teen Life Program

We plan special outings for our youth. We enjoy roller skating, ice skating, and other activities for good christian fellowship.

We also go to other churches for youth services/revivals.


  • Every 2nd Sunday, our Youth Choir sings at the Greybrier Nursing Facility.
  • Every 3rd Sunday night, we have a youth service in the main sanctuary. We have the youth to sing, and allow a young man to preach. This gives our teens a chance to serve the LORD and to show the church what they have been learning about during youth services.
  • Every 5th Sunday, the youth gets the whole Sunday to do the singing, and the young men usher and one gets to preach.


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